What are the Appropriate Dress Lengths for Different Events?

Destiny Milam

Posted on February 08 2019

What are the Appropriate Dress Lengths for Different Events?

Party Dresses For Women: A Length Guide

Picking up your dress so you don’t step on it or tugging on the hem of a skimpy dress aren’t endearing looks. If you want to make an impression with a stunning gown, don’t try to make an ill-fitting dress “work.” Tailoring isn’t that expensive and you will be glad you did it. Too long of dresses are a nuisance and are almost always stepped on and ripped. If you have a darling gown that you spent a pretty penny on, the last thing you want is to tear it because you stepped on it. Today, we will be discussing party dress lengths. Our guide will hopefully help you determine what the appropriate lengths for party dresses are, and ensure that you don’t make silly mistakes when it comes to your party wear.

Party Dresses and Night Cocktail Dresses

Casual party dresses are naturally a little bit sexier, as they show much more skin. Typically, this style of dress will showcase the arms, cleavage, and legs. For dresses like these, your legs are often featured as “the main event.” Because of this, you not only should shave and lotion your legs, but make sure you choose the right length of your dress. For instance, not all dresses fit every woman or girl the same. If your measurements exceed even a little, the length of the dress could be changed. For example, if your caboose is just a bit bigger, then the length of your dress can shorten as much as two inches! So, before committing to any dress, make sure you try it on to check its length.

Short dresses can be anti-helpful when trying to make an impression. If your dress is too short, you might become self-conscious and continuously tug on the hem of your dress. This is terrible for your party experience for two reasons. One, tugging on your dress is distracting and can cause people to focus on your actions rather than your personality and beauty. Second, tugging on your hem can make you self-conscious, and when women are self-conscious, they are less likely to show off their true selves. Besides, if you’re out trying to have a good time, the last thing you want is to be distracted by the length of your dress. Lastly, having a short dress, though common for party and cocktail attire, is a bit trashy for formal events. And, if you are at a dance party, you are more than likely to show more than your legs to a crowd — so embarrassing!

Business Dresses

For business dresses, whether at work or at a business event, you need to look elegant above all. Women of power should always look stylish and elegant, and because of this, your dress should be the way to achieve this impression. Your dress should not only be longer (at least to your knees) but also feature a unique cut. If you want to show off how modern you are, the artistic cuts of your dress can demonstrate this subtly. Of course, you don’t want to look like you stepped off a Lady Gaga music video, but a bit of artistic flair never hurt anybody.

If you are going to wear a dress at a business function, especially if you would one day like to be a boss, don’t show off your cleavage or too much of your legs. Though women should be able to wear what they please, unfortunately, business is a predominantly male career path. Displaying large amounts of cleavage won’t catch your boss’s attention for the right reasons. If you would like to be viewed as an equal and a job candidate, showing up professional, elegant, and powerful is the best way to make an impression. Keep it classy, ladies!

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are common at professional and fancy parties. Because of this, it is important that you have the right length of your dress. Any mess ups of your long gown could be fatal. Well, maybe not fatal, but it might affect how you enjoy your party. When it comes to maxi dresses, it is very much like the Goldilocks story; too much, too little, and just right.

Too Short: Having your dress too short won’t be the end of the world, but it might adjust the way you look at yourself in the mirror the entire night. If you have been graced with natural height, you may have experienced this problem more than once. If the length of your dress cannot be helped, try to play up the length to your advantage. What we mean is that make sure if your dress is too short, showcase a pair of shoes that can steal the show.

Too Long: This faux pas can be terrible for your dress. If you have to choose from either having your dress being too short or too long, being shorter is better. Longer dresses look frumpy and poorly executed. If your dress is too long, all you have to do is hem the dress or take it to a seamstress. It takes just a few hours and can save your outfit.

Just Right: A perfectly tailored dress can make any gown look like it was made for you. Fit matters, never forget that! If you would like to make an impression, a perfectly tailored maxi gown is ideal.

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