The Stress of Winter Formal: Where to find a Dress?

Destiny Milam

Posted on February 08 2019

The Stress of Winter Formal: Where to find a Dress?

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Winter formal season is here! That’s right, from December to March, high schools all over the country coordinate their winter formals. As a student, there can be only two exciting questions tumbling through your mind; who are you taking and what are you wearing? Dances are important events and you don’t want to show up wearing something outdated, ugly, or worse, repetitious. Yes, nothing is worse than seeing another girl wear the same dress as you. Well, online dress shopping at Fashion Mix Match has you covered. On our online shop, you can look through dozens of darling party dresses that range from every style. For instance, our dresses range from light and flowy to dark and sexy. Take a look!

Why Is Online Shopping Better For Your Wardrobe?

Online shopping is better for your wardrobe because there are far more options to purchase and add to your collection of garments. For one, online shopping is so massive and provides so many different options, that it is nearly impossible to dress like someone else for winter formal. And, online, there are far more options to choose from! So if your local mall has been picked off, the internet is never running low on things to browse and shop for.

Don’t Play “Who Wore it Better?”

You may have seen it in People or Us Magazine, that fun little wardrobe game of “Who Wore It Better?” If you haven’t seen it in a magazine before, the game involves putting two images of two different celebrities wearing the same outfit. Once the pictures are placed side-by-side, a panel of judges determine which celebrity wore the outfit better than the other. Typically, what determines who wore it better is who looks more confident in the outfit, who styled their hair and makeup better, and what accessories did they pair with the outfit. All of these factors are taken into consideration when deciding who “did the outfit justice.” For winter formal, however, you don’t want to play this game. If you end up wearing the same outfit as someone else, it can be a bit embarrassing. But, if the dress is cute, who can blame the two of you for picking the same thing, right? In the event you do a little “wardrobe repeating”, don’t freak out. Honestly, you chose a cute dress to wear and someone else thought so too. If anything, it is a great conversation starter, a bit of a compliment, and a unique way to make new friends. Be cool and confident and no one will even notice that your dress was worn by multiple people! And remember, online shopping is key if you want to find a unique dress that no one else will have!

Range in Colors and Styles

The internet offers online shoppers access to any store, anywhere. Because of this, online shoppers are given much more choice in what they are purchasing. In the case of choosing a winter formal dress, the internet can help you find exactly what you are looking for, in the color that you want! So, if your boyfriend got you a peach-colored corsage, but your local mall has nothing in peach — browse the internet! Seriously, the internet is ideal for shopping for, well, everything! You don’t have to pick and choose in terms of style or colors!

Return Policies

Lastly, if the above reasons aren’t enough to entice you to online shop, the return policies will! For example, have you ever gone into a store, bought something, and then realized it had a rip? To return it, you probably had to travel back to the store you bought it from, stand in line, and get your money back. However, if the tag was missing you were out of luck! Most stores won’t take any items back it the tag is gone. With online shopping, returns are easy, simple, and don’t require you to drive to the store you got the item from. And, when items are from online stores, they are rarely ever handled by multiple customers. In department stores, you have no idea how many times a dress has been tried on. For instance, you may recall the ever-so-recognizable orange makeup ring around the collar of department store items. This mark comes from other women trying on the item and taking it off so that it scrapes their face. This action, thus, takes a small bit of makeup from their cheek. Since the makeup foundation is very thick, it is almost impossible to get out of the dress, even when put in a washing machine’s heavy washing cycle. So, you not only are buying a dress that has been “fatally marked”, but has also been tried on and damaged by other people!


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