Dilasha Shrestha

Posted on May 08 2020




Whether you are amidst a pandemic or not, the most important woman in your life deserves to be appreciated. Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your mom how much you value and appreciate her— although we do agree that moms deserve to be treated not just on Mother’s Day but any other day too. You might be in quarantine, but Fashion Mix & Match has got you covered! Before settling for a standard gift, make sure you browse through our list of gifts that your mom would love (We also offer free delivery for orders over $49)!

1. Long Sleeve Snake Print Top ($30)

For those mamas who love their comfort zone but also love to keep up with the emerging trends, this Long Sleeve Snake Print Top is an ideal Mother’s Day gift. Priced at $30, this 100% Polyester top feels as soft as a mother’s touch.

2. Sleeveless Collar Top ($26)

For those workaholic mamas, this Sleeveless Collar Top priced at just $26 is perfect for an everyday look. This versatile top can be dressed up or down, whether it be to go to work or for drinks after a tiring day at work, this is the top to pick!


3. No Collar Roll Up Sleeves Button Up Chiffon Shirt ($19)

Moms who are not into prints speak a whole new language of fashion, for them, it’s all about colors, colors, and colors! This No Collar Roll Up Sleeves Button Up Shirt comes in 4 happiest colors you can imagine (Black, Baby Lilac, Buttermilk, and Candy Pink). Priced at just $19, these semi-formal shirts are the perfect pop of color for your mom’s wardrobe.

4. V Neck Wrap Top ($19)

This ultra-soft V Neck Wrap Top is casual but chic, comfortable but stylish. Reasonably priced at $19, this top is ideal for a warm summer’s day. It comes in 2 neutral colors (Ivory and Nude) and can be paired with absolutely anything!

5. Chiffon Print Top ($15)

This Chiffon Print Top is the definition of elegance. With a bow tied on one side of the neck, and a multi-colored snake print overall, this stylish piece of clothing is perfect for those days when your mom feels like dressing up. Whether it be for date nights, dinner with family, or a work party, this chic top (priced at just $15!) is a steal for all occasions.

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